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We are recruiting participants for our current research project. To participate, you must be between ages 18 and 40.

Are you interested in a research study about nasal congestion and smell loss?

  • Noninvasive research study evaluating complaints of chronic nasal obstruction and the complaints of smell loss

  • If you are a healthy individual, click here

  • If you are experiencing chronic nasal obstruction with or without smell loss, click here

  • If you are interested in participating in the study, but do not live in the Columbus, Ohio area, please call 614-366-1794 or email: or for additional study opportunity


Can you ever get your sense of smell back?

  • We are currently enrolling for a noninvasive research study to evaluate the efficacy of olfactory training

  • If you are a healthy individual, click here

  • If you have complaints of smell loss, click here


The department of Otolaryngology, Ohio State University Medical Center, is seeking student volunteers or paid part-time research assistants to engage in respiratory aerodynamics research. The project, funded by NIH, is part of a large scale clinical study to develop treatment tools for nasal sinus diseases. We are particularly interested in students in Engineering majors: Biomedical, Mechanical, Chemical, Computer engineering and etc.; Has maintained a GPA (high school or college) greater than 3.0; Has strong analytical skills; Has strong communication skills; Has some training in computational fluid dynamic (Fluent, CFX); and be comfortable in clinical settings to have daily interactions with clinicians, residents and surgeons.


If you would like to contact our lab for recruitment into one of our studies, collaboration with our lab, or general questions, please reach out to us and we will get back to you.

Ohio State Eye and Ear Institute

915 Olentangy River Road

Columbus, OH 43212

Prof. Zhao's Office Phone: 614-293-3857


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