Accelerator Award Grant Selection for Non-Invasive Nasal Aid to Relieve Nasal Obstruction Sensation Project  

Congratulations to Dr. Zhao and the team for the Accelerator Award proposal acceptance for the 2020-2021 period! Dr. Zhao and his team will engage in a collaborative effort between the OSU Eye and Ear Institute, Nationwide Children's Hospital, and the OSU CDME for the development and small scale manufacturing of a non-invasive nasal aid for the nasal obstruction relief for the purpose of clinical testing.The project will be funded with a $148,823,32 grant over the period of one year.

2020 ARS Meeting at COSM  

Congratulations to Barak, Zhenxing, and Jenn for their abstract oral presentation acceptance at COSM 2020. Dr. Zhao and his team will be traveling to Atlanta in April over a 2-day conference. 

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Turning University Research into Commercial Products


I-Corps@Ohio, an initiative of the Ohio Department of Higher Education, is a statewide program that helps faculty and graduate students from Ohio universities and colleges determine the market potential of their technologies and assists with the launch of startup companies.

“Our goal is to change the mindset of university researchers and students so that they begin to see the value of their research in terms of commercial opportunities,” said Norman Chagnon, program director of I-Corps@Ohio.

“For the people of Ohio, this can translate into growth and economic development all across the state.”

Participants from Ohio State agreed that the program did indeed change their mindset.

“Going through the I-Corps process forced us to think about a lot of issues that we don’t normally think about as researchers,” said Kai Zhao, associate professor of otolaryngology and principal investigator for the “Breathe Better” team working on the nasal aid.

The aid helps redirect airflow in the nose, which improves breathing sensation for some people with nasal airway problems.

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Congratulations to Dr. Wu for the AChemS 2019 Polak Award

Congratulations to Dr. Zhenxing Wu for being awarded the AChemS 2019 Polak Young Investigator Award! Dr. Wu is a post-doctoral fellow on Dr. Zhao's team.

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Congratulations to Jillian Krebs for Acceptance into Case Western Reserve Medical School

Congratulations to Jillian Krebs for her acceptance into the Case Western Reserve Medical School. Jillian has been a senior undergraduate researcher on Dr. Zhao's team and has been crucial to the success of multiple projects during her time in the lab. We wish her the best of luck as she transitions into medical school.

New Procedure to Improve Nasal Airflow Aims to Help Patients Breathe Easy


COLUMBUS, Ohio – Researchers at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center are exploring how small changes in the nasal cavity impact airflow and quality of life.


As part of a clinical trial, doctors use a new, non-invasive approach to reshape nasal tissue. The Vivaer Nasal Airway Remodeling device delivers radiofrequency energy to the nasal valve area to treat nasal obstruction, a condition that impacts millions of Americans. 


“What this technology does is reshape the internal nasal valve region, which is a region where cartilage on the side of your nose meets your septum,” said Dr. Brad Otto, assistant professor of otolaryngology at Ohio State’s Wexner Medical Center. “Basically what it causes the cartilage to do is barely denature and change its shape just a little bit in order to open up that valve and improve airflow to that region.”

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When these flies want to sniff out food and mates, they wing it


COLUMBUS, Ohio – Fruit flies don't appear to use their tiny, translucent wings for optimal flight, as one might expect. The speedy appendages seem to be doing double duty, helping the insect sniff out food, mates and other important scents, according to new research published in Nature Communication, from The Ohio State University.

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Congratulations to Dr. Li for the AChemS 2017 Polak Award

Congratulations to Dr. Chengyu Li for being awarded the AChemS 2017 Polak Young Investigator Award! Dr. Li is a post-doctoral fellow on Dr. Zhao's team.

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